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✅ Download Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace (2020) Dual Audio [Hin-Chi] available to download in 480p, 720p, and 1080p WEB-DL qualities. 480p in 250MB, 720p in 750MB, 1080p in 1.4GB in MKV Format. This Hollywood movie is based on Adventure genre. The main stars of the movie are Andrew Lin, Dongdong Xu, Terence Yin.

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Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace (2020)
74 min|Adventure|21 Feb 2020
6.9Rating: 6.9 / 10 from 27 users

Download Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace Dual Audio [Hindi ORG 5.1+Chinese] WEB-DL Print 480p | 720p | 1080p – AllMoviesHub.Pro

Movie Information

Name: Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace

Release Year: 2020

Language: Dual Audio [Hindi ORG 5.1+Chinese]

Resolution: 480p | 720p | 1080p WEB-DL

Size: 250MB | 750MB | 1.4GB

Quick Story Line

In 660, a Chinese fleet is attacked by a mysterious sea monster in the East China Sea, destroying many ships and leaving the remainder severely damaged. Empress Wu Zetian (Carina Lau) charges Yuchi (Feng Shaofeng), a member of the Ministry of Justice, to investigate the sea monster attacks, threatening execution if he does not succeed in ten days. The young Dee Renjie (Mark Chao) arrives in the Imperial Capital Luoyang, after receiving a recommendation to join the Court of Judicature and Revision (Da Li Si). By accident, he overhears a plan to kidnap the offering to appease the sea monster, the courtesan Yin Ruiji (Angelababy). While Dee fights the kidnappers, Ruiji is taken by a different, humanoid sea creature, but is rescued by Dee before the creature is able to escape. Upon arriving at the scene, Yuchi has Dee arrested and sends Ruiji into protective custody. In prison, Dee befriends medical assistant Shatuo (Lin Gengxin), who helps him escape. Meanwhile, the creature visits the recovering Ruiji. Realizing the creature is her missing lover, tea manufacturer Yuan Zhen, she tries to communicate with him just as a group of masked thugs attack the house. Dee, Yuchi and Shatuo arrive to fight off the thugs. After rescuing Yuchi, Dee is suddenly attacked by Yuan, who was hiding on the wide eaves. As they fight, Ruiji suddenly stabs Dee and threatens to kill herself, causing Yuan to flee. Afterwards, Ruiji tells Dee the truth about Yuan. Deducing the clues, Dee comes to the realization that the attackers hail from the small, war-ridden nation of Dondo, and seek Yuan to poison the imperial tea and thus kill Emperor Gaozong (Chien Sheng) and his court. Dee, Shatuo and Ruiji find the hiding place of a feral Yuan and manage to subdue him. They take him to the imperial doctor Wang Pu, who administers a sedative. Doctor Wang Pu uncovers that Yuan’s transformation has been caused by dung beetles and is able to cure him from the infestation. Once Yuan recovers himself, he recalls how he was poisoned by the Dondo leader for not taking part in his scheme. Wang Pu manages to produce an antidote, which can be distributed to the whole imperial court, thus averting the catastrophe. Afterwards, they uncover the traitor within the Da Li Si and while chasing him, they encounter the sea monster, a gargantuan manta ray mutated by the Dondo by using parasites and poison. Meanwhile, Empress Wu imprisons Ruiji since she is from Fuyu Kingdom, but Dee makes a bet with the Empress that if he captures the rebel leader within a day she will release Ruiji. Based on clues provided by Yuan, Dee and Yuchi deduce the island that the rebels must be hiding on, they land on the island at night and confront the rebels; a fight ensues and Huo Yi (Dong Hu), the head of the Dondo rebels, is finally killed. While returning from the island, they encounter the sea monster, which attacks their fleet. Finally, they launch poisoned fish bait at the sea monster, who drags down the last ship but lets go as the poison takes effect, dying. The Da Li si return victorious and Dee is awarded the prestigious “Dragon Taming Mace” by the Emperor, along with being named the new head of the Da Li Si. On the advice of Dee, the now-cured Yuan and Ruiji flee the city in order to avoid further conflict with the vengeful empress.

Screenshots 👀

Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace Movie Dual Audio Download Scene 1Download Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace Movie English Hindi Scene 2Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace Movie Hindi Dubbed audio Download Scene 3Download Detective Dee: Deep Sea Palace Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Scene 4

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